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"Freebie" Cross Stitch Patterns For Fans

by Vickey Brickle-Macky/Phoenixstitch

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To use these patterns you need to use the Pattern Maker Cross Stitch reader which is a free download from : Hobbyware web site in case above doesn't work

at : http://www.hobbyware.com/pm_viewer_main.htm

This should allow you to look at and print out patterns. If it doesn't work email me at vbmacky1@yahoo.com, and I'll send you jpgs of the pattern pieces, and instructions. All these patterns were done by a fan for fans, and I'm not trying to imfringe onJosh Wheldon, Mutant Enemy, the WB, UPN, or anyone's rights, or am I making a profit from these. I do design cross stitch and needlepoint professionally, but there isn't any offical Buffy/Angel cross stitch out there and I can't afford the licensing rights to do this officallly--so please keep this low keyed and for fans. Thanks--



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Vickey Brickle-Macky @ vbmacky1@yahoo.com

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